14 Best Featured Image Plugins and Tutorials for WordPress

Images play an important role in the look and feel of your site and to be able to showcase them in a professional way is crucial. We first have Soliloquy.

Soliloquy comes with a featured content add on and allows you to easily add featured content slider on any WordPress theme. It will automatically get the featured image from your article and use it as a slide with your post and excerpt.

#2 is Quick Featured Images.

And its a plugin that lets you do bulk editing on your featured images. You can also set a default image to use as a feature or the first image in the post as the featured image.

#3 is Multiple Post Thumbnails.

Which allows you to add multiple featured images to your WordPress posts.

#4 is Require Featured Image.

This is great if you have a theme that really showcases featured image and you have multiple authors working on posts. This plugins stops anyone from publishing a post without having a featured image.

#5 is Featured Image Column.

Which will show you on the media area if a featured image is attached to that post or not. This makes it quick and easy to add featured images to previously published posts.

#6 is Default Featured Image.

Which will set a default featured image if none is set for your posts.

The next one is Easy Add Thumbnail.

Which will setup the first image in a post as the featured image. This is great for older posts with no featured image set as it will automatically set it for you as long as there is an image in the post.

#8 is Video Thumbnails.

And this is great if you have a site full of videos. This plugin will look to see if a post has a YouTube, or Vimeo, or Dailymotion video and it will automatically set the video thumbnail as the featured image.

#9 Conversely is Featured Video Plus.

And this sets your video as a featured video instead of a featured image.

#10 is Post Thumbnail Editor.

And it allows you to edit images inside WordPress. Then you can use the cropped image as the featured image.

#11 is Default Fallback Featured Image in WordPress.

This is a way to add code to your site instead of using a plugin.

#12 Fallback Featured Image by Category.

Which will let you set a default featured image based on category this might work better than the default basic image for the whole site.

#13 is the Post Thumbnails in WordPress RSS Feed.

And this will add thumbnails to your RSS feeds. By default your RSS feeds don’t show thumbnails.

#14 is Regenerate Thumbnails.

And this is a plugin that works great if you’ve updated your theme, your new theme might have different image dimensions. So using this plugin generates new image sizes in WordPress and it makes your images match the theme.

And a bonus #15 is the Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress.

This will fix the issue if Facebook shares the wrong thumbnail. This fix is in your Yoast’s WordPress seo plugin social features section and you can upload the Facebook image to show for that post.

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