How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages No HTML Required

Today you’ll speak abaut how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages no html required. Many times you want to show information in a nice table format, but, If you’ve worked with the visual editor in WordPress, you’ll notice that you can’t easily do that unless you know html and css. With the Tablepress plugin, you can add tables quickly and easily.

After installing  and activating the plugin I can go to Tablepress -> Add to table.


I’ll name it here,

add a description

and tell it how many rows and columns I need.

Then I can just click add table.

Now I can add the contents of the table under table manipulation,

I can add things like links and images.

Over here I can merge some cells. I can even show or hide certain cells to make things look better.

Under table options, I can click to makeThe first row the table header, which is what I will do.

Once I’m happy with the contents, I can Preview the table to see how it will look


and then click Save changes.

Now I can go to add a new post and you’ll see a new icon here.

I’ll just click on this and pick the table I just created to insert into my post.

Once I’m finished with the content. I’ll click publish

and now i can view the table on my site.

I hope you liked this video and found it helpful.

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