Change Your WordPress Password: 3 Easy Methods You Can Use


You can do it  is, if you’re already logged in, say your hosting provider gave you your password and they logged you in already, but you want to change this. You can easily do that by first going to your dashboard head on down to Users ->Your profile.

You’ll want to scroll down to find Account management and from here you can say generate password.

Now what this will do is it will automatically generate a password. That is a strong password for you.

You don’t have to use that you can put in your new password. You’ll see as you’re going along and writing out the password it’ll go from weak to medium

to strong.

Their goal is to get a strong password. If you can that simply keeps it harder for hackers to access your website. Then once you scroll down and click «Update profile» then your new password is updated.

That’s great, but the second method is what if you’re not logged in and you’ve forgotten your password and you can’t log in well. I’ll show you how we can do that, so I’m logged out of my website.

You can go to your Admin area to login and say you’ve forgotten it. You’re getting the error message

what you can do is instead of trying to fill it out all the way down at the bottom click on Lost your password

and what it will do is ask for your user name or your email address.

So you just fill it in and ask for Get new password

and what you’ll do is you’ll get an email where you can click on it to reset your password again.

It’ll go through the process of trying to give you a strong password and you can fill that out however you need and then click «Reset».

Once it’s reset then you can log in with the new password that you have.

Now the final way is a little bit more advanced, but it’s for people, who don’t have access to that email in their profile anymore. So they won’t be getting reset email. So what you can do is log in to your hosting provider you can change in the PHP MyAdmin area. Every hosting provider looks a little bit different, but your ultimate goal is you’re looking for PHP MyAdmin

and we’ll click on that and it’ll direct you to your admin dashboard. PHP MyAdmin dashboard find the database that is associated with your website when you click on here,

then you can scroll down and we’re looking for users,  this is the one we’ll want.

I’m going to click on that and then we want to edit the user that we’re working on.

From here we’re looking for the user pass field. So you can just highlight this area

and fill in the new password that you want and then once you do that you also want to click on the drop down here and we’re looking for md5

what that will do is once we click «Go» it will encrypt our passwords. So it’s not shown in plaintext. So let’s go ahead and click «Go»

and now you see it’s encrypted again but it now has our new password.

So now we can login, now if you see multiple databases over here   like I do then you can find the correct website that you’re working on by going to your options table and then making sure that you find the right website for you,


but most people will only have one that you’re working on,

so you won’t see all of this and those are the three simple methods for changing out your password.

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