How to Engage Readers with Post Reactions in WordPress

The reactions button allows your readers to engage without leaving a comment and helps increase reader interaction. To get this feature on your site, make sure you install and activate the plugin here.

And then go to Settings — > Reaction Buttons to configure.

From here we can choose to show the reaction button.

And this is where the buttons show up. I’ll pick after the post since i want them to read my post first.

From here you can create a tagline.

And we can choose what the buttons should say and if we want to show results after they share them.

You can also restrict where it’s shown and if you want to limit how many times they can click on it.

Also, the buttons are pre-styled, but you can check the use css to custom style them if you want.

And this is how the buttons can look after we install the plugin on our test site.

I hope you liked this article and found it helpful.

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