5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Compared

Drag and drop page builders make designing your WordPress website easy.

The criteria we use for comparing these are: ease of use, flexibility, and the design output.

The first one we’ll look at is thePpage Builder by Siteorigin.

This is one of the most popular page builder plugins, largely because it’s free. It’s also fairly easy to use and lets you add any widget you need. There is also a history tool and it lets you revert back to a previous change that you had. Price is free and we grade is at a B.

The next builder is the beaver builder which is a premium plugin and in our opinion is the best option on the market right now.

Beaver is very fast to use and it comes with a great onboarding tool to familiarize you with their interface quickly. You also have a live drag and drop interface where you get to see all the changes as you make them. It comes with several basic and advanced modules for things like sliders, carousels, backgrounds, and more. The price starts at $99 for a single site license and our grade for this is an A+.

The next one to look at is Velocity page.

It’s a simple yet powerful page builder plugin. It’s also has a live preview and comes with several built in modules. It starts at $97 for a single site license and get an A from us.

The next one is Themify builder.

If you already have a theme by Themeify then you already have this functionality, but if you are using a different WordPress theme, you can purchase the Themify builder plugin for $39. There are ready to use layouts to start with and the admin and live site editing capabilities with the plugin. Now there is a learning curve that can leave the user frustrated and for this our grade is a C+

Finally let’s look at Headway themes.

This is one of the most beginner friendly drag and drop themes and it’s an actual theme as well. It allows you to build any layout and design you want and comes with built in ready to use blocks so you can add to any page on your site. The starting price is $59 for a single license and our grade is C+ only because it’s a theme and not a plugin. Other than that the drag and drop is superb. So looking at the 5 drag and drop plugins and themes, beaver builder and velocity page are our top 2 choices if you don’t mind spending a little money to create the site that you want.

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