Cookies Policy

What are cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies?

There are two basic types of tracking technologies that are used on websites:

  • Cookies;
  • Web beacons and web bugs.

Cookies are small data files that the server sends to your mobile device or web-browser. Those files are stored in the browser’s cache or on your mobile device. You can manage cookies preferences accepting or rejecting them.

Web beacons and web bugs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier. They have the same functionality as cookies. They help to track users’ navigation between pages and websites. But, unlike cookies that are cached on the user’s computer, web beacons and web bugs are embedded in web-pages and have the size of 1 pixel.

How to use these technologies?

Both technologies are used for the same matters:

  • The proper functionality of the website;
  • Better understanding of how websites work;
  • Notifications about any performance improvements.

For example, cookies and web beacons store files, so the user doesn’t have to re-enter the data. Or they can record the purchase history. All these actions optimize user experience and improve the website functionality.

Moreover, these technologies help to collect relevant data and provide better marketing content or ads based on the preferences of each user.

Sometimes, companies attract third-party partners for performance improvements. These parties use numerous tracking technologies to provide the range of services, including targeted online marketing. Tracking services use cookies for anonymous data collection and help to recognize your computer or mobile device on each visit. Such files don’t contain any personal information. The anonymous data is stored separately from the personal details collected by the website.

What you can do with cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies

You configure the browser settings to reject cookies and other tracking technologies. But you should know that if you disable these options, some website features won’t be available or won’t work correctly.

More details about browsers settings can be found here: