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([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="clearfy" info_id="num_ratings"])
Optimize and tweak WordPress by disable unused features. Improve performance, SEO and security using Clearfy — super easy.

Robin image optimizer

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="robin-image-optimizer" info_id="num_ratings"])
Automatic image optimization without any quality loss. The best WordPress image optimization plugin allows optimizing a …

Woody ad snippets

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="insert-php" info_id="num_ratings"])
Insert Headers and Footers, executes PHP code, uses conditional logic to insert ads, text, media content and external service’s code

Disable admin notices

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="disable-admin-notices" info_id="num_ratings"])
This plugin helps to disable notices, so no annoying updates or nag notices (update to premium, leave a comment, etc.).

Assets manager

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="gonzales" info_id="num_ratings"])
Increase the speed of the pages by disabling unused scripts (.JS) and styles (.CSS). Make your website REACTIVE!


([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="cyrlitera" info_id="num_ratings"])
The plugin converts Cyrillic, Georgian links, filenames into Latin. It is necessary for correct work of WordPress plugins and improve links readabilit …

Updates manager

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="webcraftic-updates-manager" info_id="num_ratings"])
Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

Hide login page

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="hide-login-page" info_id="num_ratings"])
Hide wp-login.php login page and close wp-admin access to avoid hacker attacks and brute force.

Hide my wp

This premium component helps in hiding your WordPress from hackers and bots.

Local Google Analytics

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="simple-google-analytics" info_id="num_ratings"])
Plugs in Google Analytics code to your website pages and caches it, so the website loads faster.

VKontakte API

([wp-plugin-info plugin_id="vkontakte-api" info_id="num_ratings"])
The Vkontakte API plugin is designed for the regular users who need to add any Vkontakte widgets on their websites.

Disable comments

Allows administrators to disable comments on their website. Comments can be disabled according to Post, Page, Media type.

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