How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

If you’re looking for an easy way to customize your site keep reading because I’ll show you how you can add a background image to your website, it’ll make it look more appealing to your visitors. First thing you want to do is go ahead and head over to your WordPress dashboard area and the first method that we’ll do is by adding a background image using your WordPress theme settings.


Depending on which theme you have you might be able to simply add a background from there and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. You can go to appearance, customize and if your theme has something like a background image then you’re already set to go.

All you need to do is select the image or upload the image that you want to set as your background.



I’ll use this one as an example and then you’ll see in the live area it shows where the background will show up.


You see with this theme you have a different presets to change the way that it’ll look, you can also change the image from here and then once you’re happy with that setting you can click Save and publish.


So that’s method one and most themes nowadays have that option.



With the next method you can add a custom background image anywhere on WordPress using CSS so I’ll show you quickly how you can do that. Let’s open up our site visit it in a new tab



and we want to right click, inspect because we’re looking for the body tag right here.



You see that it’s showing our body image that we added earlier but if you’re not using; if your theme doesn’t have that setting then this won’t be here and all you need to do is add the custom background image

so we’ll copy that code and then you just want to go back to your customize area

or you can go into your CSS. This is the easy way to add custom CSS you can paste that code in there


and all you need to do is if you know the link of the image you can paste it in there as you see I put a new image there and you can see that it has changed.


So that would be the other way that you can use it, it’s a little bit heavy in the CSS department and knowing a little bit of code but it’ll provide you with a custom background image for your WordPress website as well.

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