How to Add a Facebook Style Timeline in WordPress

Here are a couple of examples of popular blogs that have a timeline style pages and it takes the reader on a journey through their business or their personal challenge.

To get something like that on your site, install and activate the timeline ultimate plugin.

Then go to Timeline Ultimate to configure. We want to create a new Timeline Ultimate.

So I’m going to add a title here and we’ll see three tabs the timeline options, timeline style, and the timeline content.

And we’re going to want to configure all three items. So I’ll go through the options and set my options here.

Next I’ll to to timeline styles to configure that.

Finally we need to adjust the content settings here and choose how we want the content to look on the site.

Which content post types to use and so on.

After I’m finished tweaking everything, I’m going to save my settings.

Now I need to copy this shortcode and create a new page and paste it there.

I’ll click publish and go to my site to see it in action. Here’s what it looks like.

If you want that set as the home page just go into the Settings area, Reading.

And make the page that we created as the front page.


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