How to Add a Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress

We’re going to go to the plugin section.

And add a new plugin called floating social bar.

So ahead and click installed now on this plugin,

and activate the plugin.

Now when you go into your settings you’ll see a floating social bar link.

Here you can simply drag the buttons that you want to show.

So I’ll go ahead and add Facebook Twitter and Google.

And since we are adding Twitter we must add our Twitter handle.

All you have to do is click save settings.

And now when you go to your post’s page and a refresh it, see how there’s a social share buttons that are added when you scroll down it will tag to the top of your screen right above your post.

And there you have it and you can add as many social buttons that you want. You can add LinkedIn, you can add Pinterest. You can even add like text here.

So if you go like this and refresh it it will say share this post and you bring your mouse over it you see how like button and the Google plus button would refresh.

So there you have it this is how you add the floating social share bar to your WordPress site.

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