How to Add a Full Screen Search Overlay in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how you can add a full-screen search overlay in your WordPress website. The full-screen search overlay is becoming a big trend now. Basically for users who are on their mobile devices it makes it easier for them to search for what they’re looking for. So to add that functionality to your site first you wanna go to your WordPress dashboard. Go over to Plugins, Add New.

Go to the search plugins box and we want to put in WordPress Fullscreen Search Overlay.

Hit enter and this is the one we’re gonna. So we’ll Install it.

And Active the plugin.

And although it works out of the box you want to actually make sure that you have a search bar on your site. We’re gonna go to Appearance, Widgets.

And I’m gonna add the Search over to my sidebar.

And click Save.

Now when I go to my site and I click on the search. You see a search overlay takes up my whole screen.

Which makes it much easier for me to search for something and then it returns all of the results right here.

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