How to Add a Fullscreen Responsive Menu in WordPress

In this article I wanna show you how you can add a full-screen responsive menu to your site like this.

To get the full screen menu on your site. Login to your site then go to Plugins, Add New.

And we’re searching for the DC Fullscreen Responsive Menu.

I’ll hit enter and this one will come up so we want to Install now.

And Activate the plugin.

Once it’s activated you want to go to Appearance, DC FullScreen Menu.

And from here you can choose how to set it up these are my current menu items to choose from can choose the background color that you want it to be. The text color and the Google font that you wanna have and here’s the tiny link to author you can either select that or not it’ll be a link to the plugin author. And once we click Submit.

Now you see a menu area over here. When you click on it, it brings this up.

This would be great for especially for handheld devices and you can play with the colors.

And you can go back to appearance DC full screen. So from here you can play with the colors to make it mimic your site a little bit better see what that does.

Make it a better color for your site. And now you have a fullscreen responsive menu for your site.

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