How to Add a Help Resource Section in WordPress Admin

Today you learn how to add a help resource section in the WordPress admin. If you’re a freelancer or consultant then you likely have to repeat how to navigate a site for your clients very often. So wouldn’t it be great if you could just at a Help section in the admin area for them to reference. Once you’re finished with this lesson you will be able to. First thing you want to do is to install and activate the WP help plugin.

This will add a new publishing help menu in the WordPress admin area.

I already have it installed here so I’m going to click on the publishing help section.


And it’ll take me to the main page for the plugin.

Next to click on Settings to personalize to help area.

I can do that by changing the title at the publishing page here.

I can change the headlines here and I can also choose where I want the help link to show up either above the dashboard or menu or below.

You can even make it as a submenu to the dashboard or I can even put it at the bottom. As you make that selection you’ll see on the left where it will show up.

So once you are happy with the location you can stop. For help items you can create new document.

What you wanna say in these custom post types. And once you add all the instructions click Publish.

If you have a set of help files that apply for all your clients then you can create all the help files in one location and save the changes.  And then you can use the sync source address right here,

to add to all of your other sites.

And sync pool you only need to keep documents updated at the source.

Once you have the generic files being pooled in then you can create new document files that are specific to just that site.

So maybe you create a YouTube video walkthrough for each of your clients.

You could upload the video add the link to help file and that’s the first document that your client sees.

Once you’re finished creating and pulling in sync sources, click Save Changes.

And then your help files are complete for this site. As a note anyone with contributor or author files only have read access to these but anyone who is a editor or admin to your site can change these files.

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