How to Add a New Post in WordPress and Utilize all the Features

So first let’s look at the title and content boxes since they are the most noticeable areas of a post. Here is the post title area which is important for titling your post as well as for SEO purposes. You can edit the url for the post here.

This button lets you add media like images, documents or videos.

Over here is the visual editor area.

And you can switch to the text editor.

Both allow you to type your information but the text editor shows your post with html code. As you type you have a running word count down here and here you see when the last time the post was autosaved.

I’m going to head over to this area and we have the publishing options for the site. Here are some items that are hidden. So I’m going to look at all of these now.

First you have the ability to save your post, then you can preview or see what it looks like on the front of your site. We also have the status of the post and right now it’s in draft mode. When you publish, the status will change to published.

Under visibility, when I click edit.

you’ll see a few options, public will be for everyone to see. The stick to post that means it will be at the top of all other posts and become sticky.

Here you can password protect it or make the post private.

If you set it to private only users with editor or higher on your site will be able to see it.

Next we can edit the publish area and we can choose a date and time option which will let you schedule your post for a future publishing time.

Over here you can move the post to the trash and finally we have publish button.

Obviously that makes it go live when you click it or if you set a future date for it, the publish button turns into schedule button.

Now we have the categories and tags area. This lets you organize your posts into categories, it also lets you add tags that are relevant to the post.

We have a featured image area and this lets your post have a thumbnail image on your site.

Now lets take a look at an area that most people don’t realize is here. And that is the screen options area.

This lets you clean up your area to remove items you never use or to add items as you need them. To show or hide these, just check or uncheck the boxes and the areas will show down here.

For example when I click the excerpt it will add a box down here and I can add a post excerpt to show. And this will show the excerpt on the blog page. You can send trackbacks and that allows you to notify other blog owners that you have linked to their blog content.

The custom fields option lets you add custom fields to your post.

With discussion this is where you can allow comments on your post or page.

Checking or unchecking affects this post only. With the slug, this lets you customize your post url and make it a cleaner look.

Author WordPress automatically assigns the person logged in as the author writing, but you can change it here with a drop down.

If you have plugins installed, you might have other options on the screen as well but these have been the default WordPress features that I’ve shown.

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