How to Add a Note to Your WordPress Site

In this article I wanna show you how you can keep track of your post ideas in WordPress. Now of course you could do something like use Evernote.

And Google keep to keep track of all your ideas and those are great because they sync across all your different devices.

But sometimes you want something that’s inside your WordPress dashboard. So I will show you how to set something like that up. Obviously first thing you want to do is login to your website. Once you do that we’ll want to go to the Plugins area, Add New.

And we are searching for WP Dashboard Notes.

So I’ll type that in there, click enter, this is the one we want to install. So I’ll click Install Now.

And once it installs I also want to Activate the plugin.

And once you’ve installed and activated that just go to your dashboard area.

And you’ll notice up here you now have in the window Add Note.

So we’re gonna add note and we can type in the new blog post idea. and when you click enter it’ll save that note.

So now you have a note section you can also share it with different people, make it a different color, and over here you can even delete it.

You can even grab and drag it all the way up to the top if that’s.

So it’s better and easier to see when you’re creating new notes for your site. So you can make it a different color make it stand out more stuff like that you have more items.

And you want to move them around and see which one to use first.

That’s all you need to do.

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