How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress

We’ll cover the two easiest ways to do this. We are assuming that you already have a Paypal account setup and that it’s ready to use on your site. The first method is to use a plugin and we’ll begin by installing and activating the Paypal donations plugin.

Then you can go to Settings — > Paypal Donations to configure it.

Make sure you fill all this out especially your Paypal email address and all the other settings.

And when you’re finished, save your changes.

Now you can add this shortcode to any post or page where you want the donation button to go.

If you want to add it to a widget.

Go to Appearance->Widgets.

And add the Paypal donations widget to the sidebar and save.

The next method is by manually adding the Paypal button in WordPress.

To do this, you need to go to your Paypal account, go to tools.

And click Paypal buttons.

Here we want to create a new button, fill out the information for it.


And you’ll see a website or email tab if you choose the email code, you can customize it a bit more so I’m going copy that code.

Next, lets go back to our WordPress site and edit a post or page where we want the donation button to go. I’m going to click on the text editor part.

And paste the code here.

I’m going to replace this info with somthing I want it to say. We can update the post and now we have a button on our site.

Since we used the email version, we can replace any of these button images with what you see here.

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