How to Add Adsense Verification Code to WordPress Site

In this article we are going to cover how to add adsense verification code to wordpress. We need to do this if we are planning to use Google Adsense to monetize our WordPress site and it is used to verify that we are website owners. So if you are ready to start, this is how you add the verification code from Adsense to WordPress. So when we add a new site to to our Adsense account, we have to add the site URL and click «Next» or «next».

Here they will give us the Adsense verification code that we have to use And as we can see, it says «copy and paste this code in your site’s HTML between the head tags.

Normally this would involve editing the files of our theme, which can be very risky unless we know exactly what we are doing. But instead of this we are going to install a free plugin that will make this easier when we are just getting started. So we just have to open our WordPress site in a new tab and visit our Desktop by clicking in the upper corner. Then we can leave the course on Plugins on the left and click Add new.

Now i’m going to write the words Insert Headers and Footers in the search bar at the top right.

And when it appears, we can install it

and activate made by WPBeginer.

When the plugin is active on our site, we can place the courses on Settings or Configuration and click where it now says Insert Headers and Footer.

Now you just have to go back to the another tab and click the copy button to copy our code.


Then we will return to our WordPress site and paste the code in the top box called Scrip and Header.

Now we just have to click Save.

And when it has been updated we can go back to Adsense one last time and click Send or Submit.

Now if we click where it says Places on the left We will see that our site appears in this list. And if we leave the courses on the icon,

next to where it says «In review» we’ll see what it says usually takes a few days for them to verify our site. They will notify us when our site is ready to show ads. Then we can go back and start choosing between different types of Adsense ads for our site.

So we have reached the end and this is how Adsese verification code is added to WordPress.

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