How to add Custom Write Panels in WordPress Post Screen

More fields which lets you add custom right panel to your post and page edit field. I’ve already gone ahead and install the plugin More fields which has added a menu in the settings, call more fields it adds a page that looks like this.

So what we’re going to do is we are going to add a new input box.

You can call this input box type clients.

And let’s go ahead and only add it in the post type post. The more custom post that you have the more checkboxes you’ll see right here.

Click save.

Now we have added a meta box now we need to add fields in the metabox. So lets edit.

And add new fields.

Lets call the first field client name.

You can give it a key client name the keys is necissary for you to use because this is what you’ll be using to pull in your template in your WordPress theme.

If you are coding it you can leave instructions for your client insert client name here.

You can select from a wide range of field types from text, textarea, WYSWIG, radio, check box, select and all of these.

So we will just go ahead and click Save.

We will add another field,

called work description.

You can call it work desk insert the work description insert work the you’ve done for your client.

And we will make this a WYSIWYG.

So whoever’s editing this entry can make changes lets go ahead and click Save.

Now let me show you what exactly this plugin does click on post and click on add New.

So now if you scroll down you see there is a meta box here that’s called clients with the field client name and work description.

Now notice all this data is actually being stored in a custom field but your client or user it would not have to go through this painful UI of knowing the name and the value and adding things manually.

You have provided them with a very sleek looking UI without editing a single line of code to make this happen this is an amazing plugin and everybody should be using it because this really makes it easy for beginners and new users to have fun with WordPress

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