How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

Do you need to add a Google Maps to your WordPress website?

Well keep reading, in this article I’ll show you two methods you can use to add Google Maps to your WordPress website. The first technique is quite simple and straightforward and we’re simply going to add an embed link from the Google Maps to our site.

To do this let’s open up a new tab and we need to go to the Google Maps website so go type in From here search for the location that you want to add a map to if this is the one we want this is the one we’ll use let’s click on the share button

and click on the embed map area.

From here you’ll see a bit of code and you also see this drop down that we can choose small, medium, large, or custom size.

For this tutorial I’m going to pick medium. It’s about the size that I’d like and we just need to right click and copy that code

and let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. You can add this into a post or a page I’m going to do a post so I’m going to click on add new post and we can name it.

Down here in the text editor let’s go over to text tab

and we can right click and paste that bit of code.

Now you can go back to your visual

and you can see it actually come up in your post.

Once you’re done with it let’s click publish

and we can look and see what it looks like in our, on our website. I’ll open up my site in a new tab and there it is, quite easy.

Now if your site deals with a lot of maps then this might not be the best way to handle it.

To show you the best way to handle multiple maps or better control over your maps.  Let’s go over to our WordPress dashboard and go over to Plugins, Add New because I want to show you how to add a plugin that will make it much easier.

We’re looking for Mappress Easy Google Maps. This is the one we want so let’s click install now

and once we’re done installing go ahead activate it as well.

Once you install it we’ll need to add an API key. Let’s go to our mappress settings.

In order to get the Google Maps API key we’ve provided a link for you just click on that link and it’ll say Google developers console and it’ll bring you up to this page where you can create a project for it.

If you already have a project that you want to attach it to you can do that but let’s create a project

and click continue.

This part might take a few seconds or a few minutes but you can see the status up here. Once we click continue we can name this. You can name this something easy to remember and you can leave this set to none and we’ll click create.

Once we create we should be given our API key, we’ll right click and copy that,

head back over to our website and this is where we can paste that API key

and click Save Changes.

Once we click Save Changes the little notification will go away. I’m scrolling down you can see if you want to change the map sizes 425 by 350 is pretty good for my theme

So I’ll keep that. Now all you have to do to add the map to your site is you can go to posts, all posts.

I’m going to go into my vacation one that we have here

and I’m going to scroll down and I’m going to click new map

and add the title and then under add pio I which means point of interest let’s look for Walt Disney World.

This is the one we want we’ll click Save once you save it.

Now you can click insert into post

and when I scroll up you’ll see a shortcode here.

I’m going to update the post and now we can look at it.

Great and now you see, now you see it automatically embedded into my site and when I go back to my post you see

If I have more that I want to add I can do that here.


You can change how you want it to look that’s how I want to save that and we’ll save the map.

So now we have map one and map two that we can insert anywhere that we want on our site

and so those are two quick and easy ways that you can add a new map to your WordPress website.



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