How to Add Instant Search in WordPress with Algolia

In this article I’ll walk you through how to add instant search to your WordPress website. We’ll be using Algolia which is a cloud based search platform and it allows you to integrate a search feature to your WordPress website with ease. First thing that we need to do is head over to a

and we need to set up our account.

After you set up your account with a Algolia,

head back over to your WordPress dashboard and let’s head over to our Plugins area, Add new.

We need to search for a specific plugin that integrates Algolia with our wordpress website and it’s called search by Algolia. This is the one we want so let’s go ahead and install it

and then activate the plugin.

Now we’ll see a new icon down here we’ll click on that and we need to connect it.

We need to connect the Application ID

and we’ll also need to add the API keys. I’m going to go back to my dashboard,

head over to the keys icon,

and we’ll copy this over and then paste it in the dashboard.


and then

You also want to decide how you want to prefix the index I’ll just leave it like that

and you can decide whether or not you want to Remove the powered by logo for Algolia,

make sure you save the changes.

Next we want to go over here and click on the Autocomplete.

We want to Enable autocomplete by clicking on this check mark here

and then choose which ones we want to enable auto complete form. Re-index our posts that’ll be our largest one,

save our changes.

The next thing we want to make sure you do is go to the Search page

and we need to enable or use Algolia on the backend.

That actually will replace the default WordPress search with Algolia, lets save changes

and you see we need to index them, so let’s go ahead and click index.

Right, now that we’ve added it let’s go ahead and also add the search to our sidebar. So I’m going to go to Appearance-> Widgets area

I’m going to scroll down and grab the search widget,

drag it up here,

and add it to the sidebar like that and now when we go to our website we can do a quick search for something and then to use the feature I can just start typing in what I want to look for.

Its a real clean and easy way to set up instant search for your WordPress website.

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