How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts and Pages


In this article I’ll  learn how to add tabbed content in WordPress posts and pages. To get started, just install and activate the tabs shortcode and widget plugin.

Now when I go to add a new post, I can see a new icon here

I can click on this and setup the tabs.

Here I can choose how many tabs I want,

and if I want horizontal or vertical tabs

and give them a title.

I can even add custom css for them. As  I’m working through this I’ll see a live preview here.

I’m going to add the tab content and when I’m finished, I’ll just click insert button to add them to my post.

I can click publish

and we’ll see what it looks like on my page

We can also add to tabbed widget by going to Appearance-> Widgets

and add the OTW Shortcode widget to the sidebar.

Then you can add whatever widget you want on the side.

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