How to Allow Users to Edit their Comments in WordPress

How many times have you felt the need to edit a comment that you just left on a site.

Maybe had a spelling error grammar error maybe you just said something silly happens to all of us except most sites don’t allow the users to edit the comments once they’re published.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they allowed to users to edit their comments for a short period time on your site well that’s exactly what I show you in this article.

To allow your users to edit their comments for period of about five minutes after they posted it . What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to the dashboard in the back end of your website. We’re gonna go to plugins and Add New.

Then what we are going to do in this is type in simple comment editing. Just type that in there in a search cloak for the plugins.

You’ll notice it’s the first one here in its five-star because well.

I’ll tell you what this is about as simple as plug-ins get.

You install it you activate the plugin and you’re pretty much done and what I will show you here is how to leave a comment.

I’m going to logout and I’ll just go to the go to the post and I’ll comment as an anonymous person. We can look at the really bad comment I left before with the bad spelling.

And everything will do a very similar one here.

And we’ll just leave it all really bad like that and we’ll post the comment.

Now what you’ll notice here is I have a countdown timer and I can click to edit.

And I can come in here and correct everything else. So I can correct that spelling and make it sound better.

And you can see that I can’t spell grammar properly at any rate. We’ll hit save and that is set up and ready to go.

So it’s a simple as installing that one plugin and you’re good to go.

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