How to Bulk Install Your Favorite Plugins in WordPress

If you setup multiple WordPress sites, then you likely have a set number of plugins you use for each site. Unfortunately installing each one everytime can get tedious and time consuming. With this article, you’ll see how to use WP Install Profiles plugin to help you manage all your favorite plugins in one install. So I’m in the back of my website and after activating the plugin,

go to Plugin->Bulk Install Profiles.

To get you started, there is a list of default plugins you can use. You can remove any of them you don’t want.

To add the plugins you use often, add the name used in the Plugin’s url slug. For instance if I want to add the floating social bar, I can either add floating-social-bar with or without the dashes.

After I’ve added all the plugins I need, I can name the profile and click download plugins and save profile.

This is going to install all the plugins for the website and save my profile. So I can download that profile file to use on my next website.

On the tab, import profiles is what I would use for a new site where i want to import the profile I just created.

And export profiles is where all my profiles on this site are kept.

You can also create different types of profiles for different types of websites and its as easy as that.

After you have downloaded it you can go over to Installed plugins

and it will show all the plugins that have been installed. Now all I need to do is go through each one

and bulk activate.

So they will be ready to go.

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