How to Change WordPress Homepage & Blog Page

In this article we’re going to be covering how to change the home page on WordPress to be a single page. As well as how to set up a separate page for our posts. So when we first install WordPress it’s set up to show a list of blog posts on the home page by default. But sometimes we’re going to want to use the specific page as our home page instead and then have our blog posts appear on a different page.

To do this we just need to create a new page to use as our home page. And add any text images or anything else we’re wanting to add to it. I’ve already gone and done this to see if sometime in the tutorial and I’ve called mine home.

Really we can call the page whatever we like but I think home makes the most sense.

Then once we’re happy with it we can publish our new page.

Now we’re going to add a second page which is where our blog posts will appear. So we just need to click add new at the top.

And then give our page a title. I’m going to use blog for this example as it seems to make the most sense.

But once again you can use whatever title you like. We don’t need to add any content or anything else to this page just give it a title and click publish.

Once both of our new pages have been published. We just need to hover our mouse over where it says Appearance on the left and then click Customize.

This is going to open up the customisation options for our theme and if we click on the Left where it says homepage settings.

Under where it says your homepage displays, we can change this from your latest posts to a static page.


Then under where it says homepage we can select our new homepage and under blog posts we can select our new blog page.


Once we’ve done this we can click publish up at the top.

And now when we visit our site will see that our home page has been changed

And when we visit our blog page we’ll see our blog posts appear here.

So that’s how to change the home page on WordPress to be single-page as well as how to set up a separate blog page for our posts

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