How to Change WordPress Username (Super Simple!)

Doesn’t come with an option to change our user name by default but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still super easy to do.

So to change our WordPress username we just need to install a free plug-in called easy username updater and the cool thing about this plug-in is we don’t even need to keep it active after we’ve used it. So from our dashboard we just need to hover over where it says plugins on the left and then click Add New.

Now we’re going to type the words Easy Username Updater into the search bar in the top right.

And then we can install

And activate this plug-in.

Then once the plug-in has been activated we can hover it over users in our left dashboard menu and click username updater.

Now we can click update on the right.

Then type our new username into this box and then click update username at the bottom.

Once our usernames being updated we can click this link at the bottom that says go back.

And then we can log back in using our new username and now we’ll see that our WordPress username has been completely updated to the new one. And we can even deactivate the plug-in again without affecting it.

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