How to Clean up Your WordPress Media Library: 2 Easy Methods

In this article I’ll walk you through how to clean up your media library and I’ll show you two different methods.

So you can keep everything nice and clean having images on your site are great visual cues for your readers. It helps break up long blocks of text and it an image is just way easier to convey an idea to someone. But the way that WordPress does things it creates several different versions of your one image and it can get a little bulky in a little out of hand.

So let’s walk through the two methods that you can use.

Let’s dive in the first method. We’ll use is by using a plugin. Let’s head over to our plugins area and go to add new

and the plugin that we’re looking for is media cleaner

and once it’s activated then we can get started you see that here.

Now we can come over here to meow apps

and under meow apps we want to go to media cleaner.

You want to make sure that all of this looks good, the default settings are fine. We want them to check if the media file is being used and posts or pages as well as the media library all the default settings are pretty good.

Let’s just go ahead and click Save Changes

and now what we can do is go over to media go to cleaner

and you see all this scary stuff don’t worry about that. You can just simply say start scan

and what we’ll do is it goes out and finds any images that aren’t attached to anything any images that aren’t associated with any of your posts or pages and it’ll bring back a list that you can look at now.
If you have a really huge website with a lot of images this might take a while otherwise. As you see this is a smaller site so we can click Display the results and we’ll see what it looks like so.

These are the ones that are on our site but aren’t they don’t look like they’re being used anywhere, they’re simply on our site. You knew a few things here now that you know that these aren’t attached to anything. If you see images that you’d want to put in a post somewhere then maybe go into that post and add the image. Or you can go in and simply pick the ones that you definitely don’t want and you’re definitely not using you can pick them all and do you delete the ones that you want

or you can go through just select them all

and delete all of them if you’re not using any of them.

You can also choose to ignore whatever it comes back with if you want as well.

So that’s one way that you can choose to clean up images on your site using the plugin.

Then the next one is by using another plugin called the media D duper. So let’s go back to our plugins area and go to add new in the search area.

Let’s type in Media Dedooper this is the one we want. So let’s go ahead and click install.

You’ll also want to activate the plug-in as well you see here.

That in the first thing what we need to do is generate a media index. So let’s go ahead and click generate media index.

It’ll go in take us to their settings page here and we’ll click generate again.

If you have a really large site with a lot of images this could take a minute, but for ours we can just click manage duplicates now


and now we can go through and find the ones that we don’t want and either delete them here.

You can select them all in do bulk action and we’ll choose Smart delete. What that means is like the other plugin it just makes sure that it does not delete any any images that are being used on your site. So you definitely want to use this smart delete and then you can click Apply.

Then I’ll go through and simply remove the images that aren’t being used anywhere.

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