How to Create a Download Link in WordPress (Download Files)

In this article we’re going to be covering how to create download links in WordPress which will enable us to offer downloadable content to our visitors with a simple click of a link or button. So as we can see in my example there’s this link at the bottom that says click here to download the e-book

and when I click the link it starts at onload right away. Then once it’s finished downloading we can just click on it and we’ll see that we’ve now downloaded the e-book

Now I used a PDF file in this example, but we can use these download links for any types of file we like including images and videos. So if you’re ready to get started this is how we can our downloadable file links in WordPress. Okay so for my example I’m going to be adding a download link to this photograph that I have on my desktop.

The steps will be exactly the same if this was a video or any other kind of file. Once we have our file we just need to right-click on it and if we’re on a Mac we’re going to compress it or if you’re on a Windows computer like I’m on we’re going to go to send to and then compressed zipped folder.

Then once we have our zipped folder

we’re just going to open up our wordpress site and visit the dashboard. Then on the left hand side we can hover over media and click Add new.

Then we’re going to click select files in the middle

and upload the zip version of our file. Once it’s finished uploading we can click library on the left

and then click on our newly uploaded file.

Then on this screen on the right hand side we’ll see here it says Edit more details

and if we click on this link this file URL on the right hand side

this is the URL we’re going to use for our download link. So we just need to highlight the URL right click and copy. Once we have our URL copied we can head over to the page or post.

We’re wanting to add the download link to then we can click add it up at top and we’re just going to add this URL like any other link. So for me I’m just going to add it to this text that says Click here to download.

Then once we’ve entered our link

We can just update our page or post

And then when we visit it and click our new link will see that our file starts to download.

Once it’s finished we can click on it

and we’ll see that we’ve now downloaded the file

So that’s how we can quickly and easily create download links in WordPress without using any plugins.

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