How to Create a Mobile Ready Responsive WordPress Menu

In this video I want to walk you through how you can create a mobile-ready responsive wordpress menu.

To get that on your site, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard we’ll be installing a plug-in so we’ll head over to plugins add new.

We’re looking for the responsive menu plug-in and that gives you like the what they call is the hamburger style menu so we’ll install that, and we need to activate it.

Once it’s activated you’ll see a new menu item over here and you can go in and set it up.

The break point that means how small does the screen size need to get before it starts using this one. 800 is pretty good it’s usually for tablet or smaller and the menu to use it for we have all pages that’s our default menu for the site and then you can add some CSS if you want.

So I’m happy with that so we’ll click update let’s go to the front of our site to show you what it looks like.

Alright since our site is on a full screen we are seeing the full menu up here but let’s see what it will look like when we shrink it.

So when you shrink it you now see the responsive menu here and i can go through and pick the page that I want from there.

Now the other one I want to show you is different style of menu it’s called the responsive drop-down menu and it will be a little bit different.

So I’m going to remove this one.

I want to add a new plugin called responsive select menu.

This is the one we want so we’ll install that one and activate it.

And now when we go to our site now instead of the little hamburger icon we have this drop down.


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