How to Create a Table of Content in WordPress Posts and Pages

Are you looking for a way to add table of contents to your WordPress articles? Well keep reading, in this article I’ll walk you through how you can create a table of contents in WordPress without writing any code. To get started let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. From here you want to go to Plugins, Add New.

In the search box we’re going to look for Easy table of contents plugin

and once it pulls up this is the one we’re looking for. So let’s go ahead and click install now.

Once it’s finished installing make sure you also activate the plugin

and once it’s activated you can go to the settings area for it by going to Settings-> Table of Contents.

You can choose to auto insert into posts

and when you do that, it’ll automatically insert it if the article has more than four headings. So we can do that

and here you can choose the position. We’ll leave it Before the first heading,

from here you can change the heading number

and down here you can also change the header label as well as whether

or not you want to allow the user to toggle the visibility.

Down here under Appearance let’s keep it auto and that will automatically grow or shrink depending on the size of the screen.

Once you’ve setup all of these settings let’s click Save Changes

and we can go take a look at a post to see it in action

and now you see the table of contents here that is pulling in the headings of this post.

You can also choose to overwrite these in any post that you want. For instance if we don’t want the table of contents to be on this particular post we can scroll down and we can either say disable the insertion here

or we can change up the headings that it’ll pull in here.

Once you make those changes on this particular post make sure you click update

and that’s a real quick and easy way to get a table content setup for your website.

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