How to Create a Welcome Gate in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how to create a welcome gate in WordPress. A welcome gate is a full screen call to action when a user first visits the page. It asks them usually to join an email list before accessing the site. Website owners will use this to quickly grab their readers attention and to display a targeted offer.

To show how this can be done, I’ll be using OptinMonster to create a welcome gate. This is a paid service so once you’ve purchased it.

You can install and activate the OptinMonster WordPress api plugin.

Then you’ll need to add your api credentials here.

Now that we have all that setup. I can click Create New Optin.

You have all these to choose from, but we’ll concentrate on the fullscreen optin for this article. So I’m going to click that one.

Make sure you setup the Title and the website Address here.

And now you can see on the left is where we customize it and on the right is where we Design it and we can also see a Live Demo while we’re creating the optin.

Now that I’m happy with the design, we’re going to go over here and decide when we want to show this.

For a welcome gate, if I set the optin loading delay to 0 then it shows immediately.

And then I can also set the delay and make it show after a certain period of time. Finally, I can go down here and click Exit Intent and it won’t show until the user goes to leave the site.

For now I want to keep it at 0 to show it immediately. One other thing to look at is the referrer detection, if a visitor is coming from another website, say Facebook. I can customize it for them and show it only to them.

Now once we’re finished with it all, we’ll just Save our settings.

Now I need to go to my OptinMonster area on my site and click edit Output Settings.

I want to make sure enable optin on site is checked and choose one of the Optin settings here. I’ll pick Globally.

And now your welcome gate will be live on your website.

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