How to Create a Wiki Knowledge Base Using WordPress

If you want to add support or documentation to your site, the the wiki knowledge base might be your best solution. We’ll cover three ways you can do this on your site. The first way is to use a wiki theme like the knowhow theme for your site.

The best way would be to install WordPress on a subdomain or directory. Either of these would work for you for your site. Then, for the subdirectory install the knowhow wiki theme and start adding all the information.

The biggest downfall for this is that your wiki is on a subdomain and the theme might not match the main site branding. But a lot of companies do this so it’s not necessarily a big deal.

The next solution is to use a wiki plugin. Just install and activate the knowledge base by pressapp.

Now we’ll see the area in the admin dashboard.

The knowledge base uses custom post type and brands with your style and format for the most part. It also comes with a voting system and drag and drop functionality. The down side to this is it does cost $20.


Finally you can get a wiki by adding some code snippet to your site. First, make sure you backup your site in case anything goes wrong.

Then install and activate the knowledgebase cpt plugin.

This will create a custom post type that we can add information to.

Once we’ve filled in some information.

we’ll need to add this code to the functions.php. This code will list all the knowledge base articles together.

Then we can create a page and add this shortcode to it.

I’ll go to my demo site so you can see it in action. Technically it’s fine, but the style is a little off.

For that you’ll want to play with your css. I’ll add this to my style.css file to make it look a little better. And those are the three ways to add a wiki to your site.

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