How to Display Popular Posts by Day, Week, and Month in WordPress

In this article you’ll learn exactly how to display your most popular posts either by day week month year even of all time on your WordPress website. To make this process easy we’ll be installing a plugin. So let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. From here we want to go to our plugins area, click add new

and we’re looking for a plugin called ‘WordPress Popular Posts’. So we want to search for that

and this is the one we’re looking for, so let’s click install now.

Once installed you want to also make sure that you click activate.

Now that we see it’s activated let’s head over to Appearance, Widgets

So we can configure. Scrolling down we want to find the WordPress popular post widget.

This is the one we want so we’ll left-click drag it up to our sidebar area, you can drag it to any widget area that you want.

We’re doing this in our sidebar and you can give it a title,

choose how many posts that you want to show,

under filter we want to show that for the last 24 hours.

Now we want to scroll down and click Save for that.


Great, now we need to do the same thing for week, month, year and all time.  So we’re going to do the same thing. Scrolling down, I’ll grab the WordPress popular post,

put it underneath select last seven days

and click Save.

I’ll do that again and then we’ll come back for the next step; and now we have all these widgets here but we want to make it more of a tabbed setting so we’re going to install a tabbed plugin. We need to head back over to our plugins area and click add new.

This plugin that we need to look for is called the ‘Ultimate Tabbed Widget’.

This is the one we want. So again let’s click install now

and also activate it

and now we can head back over to our Widgets area to set this up. So we’re going to go to Appearance, Widgets

and from here you see that we now have this Default tabbed widget area.

With this area we need to just drag all of the Popular posts that we created up into the default tabbed area. So I’m left click dragging them up and rearranging them how I want them.

Now that we have the Default tab area how we want it, we now need to search for the Ultimate tab widget which is right here. So we need to left-click and drag this up into our sidebar area where we want it to go.

So I’m going to put it just underneath my search area,

you can name this whatever you want

and we want to pull in the Default tabbed widgets area into this.

So let’s click Save

and now we can go look at our website

and see what it looks like in action and then you’ll start to see the popular post grow by week month or all-time. The longer that you have the widget installed.

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