How to Do Basic Image Editing in WordPress

In this article you’ll learn how to make basic image edit in your WordPress website. This is great if you’ve already uploaded an image and you simply need to make some edits while you’re in there there’s no need to download that locally make the edits and then re-upload. So let me show you around and what you need to do first you want to go over to your media area and we’ll go to library.

This is assuming you already have some images on there and from here you can either look at the grid section or the lists section to see all of your images

and then these are all the images that we can edit. So I’m going to click on this one to edit this one now.

When you open it up you see this button here, that says edit image.

This is some of the edits that we can do first.  We can scale the image because this is too large for us. So maybe we want to make it thousand being the max width and we’ll scale that down.

From here you see that you have some other buttons that you can do.  You can either rotate it left or right and you can keep doing that until you have it the right rotation that you want.

If you want you can also flip it upside down

that’s the same as rotating it twice or you can also flip it vertically and that will simply give it a mirror effect

What it already is if you don’t like any of those you can simply click on the undo button and it will undo anything that you’ve done or you can redo it if you really like that and once you’re done with that you can click Save.

Let’s go ahead and edit some more.

Now you also have cropping over here but you need to make sure that you still have an aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is simply the one-to-one or 4×3 or 16×9 to one


and then we want to come over here and crop this out a little bit so we’ll do that and then you’ll want to click the crop button again to crop it to the area that you want.

If you like that then you can save it if you don’t like that then we can click undo.

Again once you’ve made all of your changes you can also click Save and then now you have a new image

If you don’t like that you simply want to restore right back click on the Edit over on the right.

You’ll see a little drop down arrow and from here we can just simply say restore image and this is the original that we started working with.

So it’s a real quick and easy way to make changes to your images while they are still up on your WordPress website


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