How to Easily Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

Do you want to easily embed video on your WordPress website? Well keep reading, in this article I’ll walk you through how you can easily embed the videos on your site in WordPress and using the same technology.

I’ll show you how you can other things like tweet or an Instagram post on your website as well. Adding videos to your website is a great way to help with user engagement and lets them know a little bit more about what you’re talking about using video.

To get started let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard, we want to create a new post. So I’ll go to all posts, add new,

and while we’re in the visual editor area

Let’s go grab the video that we want to embed. You can find the video url by going to the YouTube video that you want to watch and grab this whole thing. So I’ll highlight that, right click, copy,

head back over to my WordPress dashboard, make sure you’re on a new line,and then right click, and paste.

As soon as you paste it should automatically bring in the information so you can see that the video is working in your post.

Now all you have to do is click publish

or update if you’re working on a post and then we can click on the link and see it in action.

Super easy way to do that. The great thing about this is it doesn’t just work for videos. Auto-embedding also works for things like Facebook. If you have a Facebook post that you want to share in there you can do that. Instagram that’s huge for Instagram items, Reddit items, Twitter items.  So let me show you a couple of ways that you can do that as well. I’m gonna go back to my post, scrolling down I want to get on a new line, and then we can go to whatever twitter item you want. We want to copy the link to tweet,

once we have it copied let’s go back to the post go to the line and paste that in there.

Again, as soon as I click paste WordPress is bringing that information automatically

and you see it in here.

Same thing with Instagram. I’m gonna go to Instagram. I’m on a link here, so you just grab it, copy,

head back over, make sure you’re on a new line, and right click paste.

Once that happens it comes through like that.

Very easy way to bring in more information into your website and make it a fuller experience for your user.

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