How to Easily Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

Do you need to verify your WordPress site on your Pinterest account? Well keep reading, in this article I’ll walk you through step by step how you can unlock the Pinterest analytics for your WordPress website. In order to verify your website on Pinterest you must first have a Pinterest business account but don’t worry it’s an easy process to get.

If you have just a personal account, you can head over to Pinterest, go up with the three dots, and they make it really easy they’re really encouraging everyone to upgrade to a business account and don’t worry a business account is a free account that will help you unlock pro tools like analytics and their ad program. Go up with the three dots and you can click upgrade now.

From here you want to add the business name or the name of your website and under pick a business type most of us will be professional or a blogger what not.

Then when you click continue it’ll take you through the next step of verifying.

Now if you don’t have a Pinterest account it’s quite easy to get. You simply go to and instead of personal you want to sign up with a business account. From here enter your email, the password you want to use for Pinterest, the business name, again usually the blog name, and professional bloggers would be the thing that we want to use.

From here just walk through the few steps that it takes to add your site to Pinterest and just pick different topics,

you can also skip this later, they’re suggesting that you get the Pinterest browser button 


we can do that later

and once it drops us into the dashboard again you’ll want to go to the three dots up here and we want to go to settings.

Under settings we want to claim website so let’s click on claim website.

Make sure you have your website address here or put it in and click claim website.

From here there are two ways that we can claim it we want to add the HTML tag that’s the easiest for us. So we’re going to click that button and we need to highlight the meta name and we want to right-click and copy.

What we need to do is add this information to our website so let’s head back over to our WordPress dashboard and there are two methods that you can do for this.

Most of you will have the Yoast plugin on your website and you can do that there. If you don’t have Yoast plugin I’ll show you another method that you can use to verify your website. So let’s go to SEO and we want to go to social

and what you want to do is head over to Facebook I know we’re talking about Pinterest but let’s make sure that under Facebook we have this enabled so make sure that it says enabled

and that means that it’s adding the Open Graph metadata to our website and that just allows extra functionality on our website. So let’s do that then we’ll head over to the Pinterest tab and you see that as asking for the confirmation information that’s that bit of code that we just copied from Pinterest so we’ll right click here and paste it.

Once you paste it  we can click Save Changes.



Now if you’re not using Yoast on your website then you can go to Plugins, Add New and we’ll look for Insert Headers and Footers. It’s a plugin that allows you to add code to your site without messing anything up and it’s actually a plugin that we’ve created to make things simple so here it is. 

We want to click install now and we need to go ahead and activate it as well.

Once you see it’s activated here let’s go to settings Insert Headers and Footers you want to right-click and paste that code here and then click Save.

Then we need to go back over to Pinterest to say next

and then Pinterest will check for the site and make sure that we know that it’s connected. They say it can take up to 24 hours, it usually is pretty immediate so you should be good to go

and you see I just refreshed it and it’s showing that it’s claimed. Now that it’s claimed we have our area up here for analytics that you can click on and go to overview

and since we just did it you’re not going to see much going on here but check back in a little bit and you’ll start to see the data coming through on your site. 

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