How to Embed Actual Tweets in WordPress Blog Posts

I’ll bet you’ve written a few post that you thought would be perfect if only you could display the tweet that inspired it or tweet that illustrates your point.

Or maybe you’ve seen some established blogs with imbedded tweets you wondered, how do they do that that would be. So great I bet its really complicated though well guess what it’s not complicated at all here’s how to do it. First of all you need to get the URL of the tweet that you want to embed.

So, lets head on over to twitter. I want to find the exact tweet that we were looking at in the post.

And its right here from March fith so I want to click on it to show a variety of options down toward the bottom we have details right here click on that that will give me the URL that we need.

Here it is this is the independent tweet by itself with the corresponding URL right up here up above.

And we want to double click on that select copy already poised to do this your keyboard I’m using the mouse.

And then you want to head on over to the post you working on, paste the link on separate line in the space where you want the embed to showin.

Click update

and head on over to see what it looks like refresh.

And there you have it it’s that easy.

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