How to Find and Insert Creative Commons Licensed Images in WordPress

I’ll show you how to find and insert creative commons licensed images in WordPress. One of the best ways to keep your site engaging is to add relevant images to each post. The challenge is finding great looking, royalty free images to keep costs low. One source for finding high quality, creative common images is to use the search feature on Flickr.

And that filters down on only creative common images. You want to look for ones that are commercially available. You could go to Flickr,

Look through all their photos, pick the one you want, find the code add the image, add the image again, provide the proper attribution and go from there. But that takes a lot of time and several steps to accomplish this.

We can speed up this process by installing and activating a plugin called WP Inject.

Once activated, you want to go to Settings — >WP Inject to configure  the plugin.

You want to pick commercial use allowed, no attribution required. You want to order by relevance.

There is a setting for Pixabay Settings, we’ll choose all.

Pixabay is a directory for high quality domain images. Under general settings I want to choose Save images to server. This copies the image to my website, otherwise it would pull from flickr or pixabay and it slows down the page speed.

Now if you have a fairly large site, you want to look into creating a CDN to optimize your site speed. Set the featured image size we’re going to go with medium.

And the default image align we’re going to choose none.

If there is an attribution given we want it at the bottom of the post.

Results per search thats how many we want to choose from. Let’s go with 50.

Enable WP Inject link this give a small link at the bottom. You can decide whether or not you want to keep this.

Under Advanced Settings you can customize the image template of how it’s shown on your site. The attribution can also be customized. But we’re going to keep all the default settings here.

And click save all settings.

And now we are ready to find images from within your posts.

Now when I’m working on a post, I see a section for WP Inject.

I’ll search for an image to use and hover over search, I can choose to search either flickr or pixabay or both at the same time.

And now I have several images to choose from. I’m going to pick this one. Notice when I hover over it, I have size options to choose from. I can either pick small, medium, large or set it as the featured image. I’ll use medium.

And when I select that, You’ll see a green notification that the image has been save to my server and inserted into my post.

When I click update

And view my post my new image is there.

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