How to Find and Replace Text with One Click in your WordPress Database

In this article I’m going to show you how you can find and replace text with one click in your wordpress database. To find all those texts items or those phrases on your website you want to use a plugin called Better search replace. So from my dashboard I’m going to go to My plugins area, Add new

and I’m gonna search for Better search replace. This is the one we want, so we’ll install it now

and then we’ll activate the plugin.

Now that it’s activated we can go to Tools ->Better search replace

and from here you just type in what you want to search for type in what you want it to replace

and down here are the tables that you need to select for the plugin to search. Typically you’re just going to use the posts page that’s where all the pages and the posts are in your database.

Next you want to choose if its case insensitive, by default it is case sensitive, so proper names you can search for that.

Down here is a great thing to run as a dry run. So it’s kind of a dry run and gives you an idea of what all is going to be replaced before you actually do it. Now at this point I’m going to say you want to make sure that you have a backup of your data base because this is going through and replacing everything actually in your database. So if something happens you’ll want to back up so you can revert to that back up. We’re going to do a dry run just to see.


In the dry run there was one table that was searched five cells were found that need to be updated but none were change because we did the dry run.

That sounds about right. So I’m going to go back everything is still the same and I’m going to uncheck the dry run

and we’re going to hit run a search and replace again.

And this time you see that there were five cells that were changed in five updates made.

So now anything that was lorem ipsum is now goren ipsum.

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