How to Find PAGE ID in WordPress (and POST ID)

In this article we’re going to cover how to find a specific post id on WordPress. So there are going to be certain times where we need to know the post id or page ID in WordPress. And this could be for setting up some kind of plugin or creating a custom order for our posts. In fact there are tons of different things we can use these IDs for. But first we need to find them and to do this we just need to visit the page or post were wanting the ID for and then click Edit at the top to open it up in the editor.

Now if we look in the URL bar at the top we’ll see that somewhere within the URL it says post equals and then a number and this number is the page or post id.

Then if this is something we think we might need quite often we can install a free plug-in called reveal IDs.

When this plugins active on our site the IDS are going to show up on the right-hand side of our lists of pages and posts.

Which is going to see us having to open up the editor each time. So that’s how to find a page ID or post ID in WordPress.

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