How to Hide Page Titles in WordPress

In this article we’re going to be covering how to hide page titles in WordPress using a free plug-in called title remover. We can also use the CM plug-in to hide titles from our blog posts as well if we need to.

So there are going to be times where we want to hide the titles of different pages on our site. So for things like our home page or opt-in pages for this example I’m going to be hiding the page title on my home page. As it doesn’t seem to look right or make much sense to enable us to hide page and post titles in WordPress. We just need to install a free plugin. So if we visit our dashboard and then click plugins on the left.

And add new up at the top.

Now I we just need to type the words Title Remover into the search bar in the top right.

And then install

and activate the plug-in by WP gurus.

Once the plug-in has been activated, we just need to open up the page or post that we’re wanting to hide the title from and then click add it up at the top to open up the editor.

Now if we scroll down on the right-hand side we should see this new section called hide title.

And we just need to check this box and then update our page or post.

Now when we visit the page. We’ll see that the title is now hidden but I should just point out that the page titles not completely gone it is just hidden.

When people search for this page or post in the search engines the page titles still going to show up here. So that’s how easy it is to hide page titles in WordPress using the free title remover plugin.

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