How to Import External Images in WordPress

Do you want to bring all of your external images into WordPress? Well keep reading, in this article I’ll walk you through how you can import all of the external images into your WordPress website. This is especially important if you’ve recently moved from a different platform say like from Blogger,, Weebly, or Joomla. So if you’re ready let’s get started. By default all of the images should come over into your Media ->Library area

and you should see them right here.

Now to get started with importing all external images. Let’s head over to our plugins Area,  Add new,

we need to install a plugin. The plugin that we’re looking for is called Auto upload images. This is the one we want, so let’s click install now.

Once it’s installed you want to make sure you activate it as well.

Great, now that it’s activated we can go to our Settings area->Auto upload images to set it up.

These are all the default settings and it should work for most cases but you can change them here

if you need to but what you want to do is scroll all the way down and click Save Changes

and that will store the settings. The next thing we need to do is update All the posts

and pages that have the images that we need to update. This is a manual process but I’ll show you how you can make it a little bit faster. So first we’ll go to Posts->All posts

and if you have several posts you can do something real quick to get them all on one page. What you can do is go up here to Screen options

and under the number of items per page you can set this to 999

and click Apply

and now it should show as many as 999 posts on this page. So you can do all of this at once. Now that we have all of our posts on one page you can click on this check box here

and it will select all of the posts. Under Bulk actions we need to click Edit.

Now let’s Apply this

and WordPress will show us all the things that we can change. We don’t want to change anything all, we want to do is click Udate

and what this does is the process triggers the plugin to check all of the posts and make sure that any images that are external will be imported into our media library

and be updated for us and since it’s going out in updating all the posts it could take a little while so just be patient and as you see we have 72 posts that were updated. Now if you have more than 999 posts, if you haven’t more than 999 posts then you’ll just want to scroll all the way down at the bottom and there will be a next or an arrow tab down here to click on the next page full of post

and do the same process. Now all of your images should be in your media library and are being hosted on your website.

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