How to Let Users Filter Posts and Pages in WordPress

In this article I want to walk you through how you can let users filter on posts and pages in your WordPress website. By default your WordPress website you can allow them to click on a category or a tag.

And It’ll bring all the posts related to that one category or that one tag. One of our recent readers asked is there a way to allow users to filter on multiple items? So to get something like that going on your site what you’ll want to do is let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. Log in to the backend of it. And from here we’re going to go over to our favorite area the plugins area because we’re going to Add a New plugin.

In the search area we’re going to search for Search filter.

This is the plug-in we’re looking for. Let’s click Install Now.

And we want to Activate it.

Now we can go to the Settings area.

To take a look at everything and you can read up on the documentation.

And this plug-in deals with short codes that will allow you to add a shortcode on a post or a page. And it will allow people to filter down on your information. Scrolling down here you see here’s a quick look at what you would want to do. So I’m going to just grab this shortcode. I’m going to copy it.

And let’s create a New Page.

Call it Filter topics, we’ll add this shortcode.

And what its saying is go ahead and filter on the taxonomies of category and the post tags. So let’s hit Publish.

And I’ll let you see what it looks like. So now I’m going to go to this Filter topic page.

And I can either search for the topic. I want to look for or say we have All these categories.

I know that all has a lot of posts under it and the tag of Content.

And when I click Submit.

It will bring back the handful of posts that I have with both of those. You see it’s filed under all with content so it brings all of that back with all and content.

So that’s a great way to allow your users to engage in your content on your website and drill down to exactly what they want to see.

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