How to Link to an Email Address in WordPress

In this article I’m going to show you how to add an email link in WordPress.

Specifically I’ll show you two ways to do this quickly and easily but keep reading because we’ll also talk about why you might not want to add these email links to your WordPress website.

Let’s go ahead and head over to our website. We want to log into the WordPress dashboard. So add admin to the end of your website that will bringing to your login screen where you can log in.

Alright from here we need to decide do you want to create an email link in your post or a page. Let’s say we’re dealing with a post and we want to add something to it.

I’ll pick my Hello world post to add something.


Adding an email link is very similar to adding a regular link in your website, where you highlight the area,

click insert,

and from here you can type in the HTTP or HTTPS and you add the address.

Click Add link

and now you have a hyperlink to a website,  so adding an email link click insert and then I’m gonna expand the whole thing when doing an email link you simply use the mailto: prefix instead of the HTTP or HTTPS

and this is a valid email link on your website.

The second method of adding an email link. It’s useful if you want to add an email to say the sidebar or somewhere in your wordpress theme you’ll want to actually type out the HTML code for it to work. So I’m gonna go to our little text editor area.

I’m going to highlight the code

and we want to copy this you can either click command or ctrl C to copy or right click and click copy.

So you’ll have it in your clipboard so you can use it. Let me update the post

and then let’s head over to appearance widgets

because we’ll add the email link to our sidebar area let’s scroll down to find the text widget and I’ll add that to my sidebar.

Paste in the code from the post and click save

Now we have an email link on our sidebar area right now that I’ve shown you how you can add the links.


Let’s discuss why you might not want to. For one adding the email link becomes publicly visible and this makes it easy for email bots to scrape your site collect your email and then you start getting a ton of spam.

The second thing to think about is that users are less likely to switch from using their browser that they’re using to view your site to switching over to using their email client to send the email. They’re just not gonna bother doing it. Instead you want to use a contact form on your website and we recommend using WPForms.

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