How to Live Blog in WordPress

We’re going to do live blogging with WordPress using a plugin called live blogging. I’ve already gone ahead and install and activate the plugin which has then added a menu option under my settings navigation.

So I’m going to pretty much leave everything how it came out of the box with the poll default reader. You also have the option to use stream using meteor but that requires special configurations. So I’m not gonna bother with it.

You can enable auto updating.

And then you know what I would modify if I was you is the live blog style.

I’m going to leave this one as default you know meaning my latest entry will show up at the top.

I would somewhat tweak is the style for live blogging entries depending on how your theme looks you can change the background color you can change the margin you can add border or whatnot.

And once you’re done with that just go ahead and click Save Changes.

Then you need to go in your post and lets add a new post.

Call it live blogging WordPress.

What you need to do is scroll down and enable live blogging on this post.

Once we do that come up in the right panel. And simply add a description about this event and then add a shortcode called [liveblog].

Next thing you need to do is just hit publish on this post.

Once you’ve done that you need to go in the live blog entries area.

And click adding a new live blog entry.

There you can select different live blog post you have we will use live blogging WordPress.

And then we will add a new entry called liveblogging test one once you hit publish on this post.

A new entry should be added in our latest post called liveblogging WordPress. You see right here it has added a new entry liveblogging test one.

Then you can add another entry saying I just heard this great session given by Syed Balkhi and you hit publish.

And a user comes on this post a new micro blogging entries added to your post.

So you can use this awesome plugin to liveblog any event and give yourself a headstart over your competitors that may also be covering this very same event.

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