How to Notify Users Only On Replies to Their WordPress Comments

Do you have comments enabled on your WordPress website? Well keep reading I’ll show you a quick tip that you can use to increase user engagement by notifying users when someone replies to their comment. By default there’s no way a user knows when someone replies to their comment and that can kind of reduce the engagement on your site so if you have comments you’ll want to think about adding this. So if you’re ready let’s get started. From our WordPress dashboard we want to head over to our Plugins area because we’ll be adding a new plugin. So we’ll go to Plugins, Add New

and from here in the search box we want to search for a plugin called Subscribe to comments

and we see that this is the one  we’re looking for.  So let’s go ahead and click install now.

Once we see it’s installed you’ll also want to make sure that you activate the plugin as well.

Once we see that it’s activated let’s head over to this new tab here and go to Comment Form.

From the comment area under options you want to make sure that you have Advanced Subscription set to Yes

and in the drop-down click on the Replies to this comment and that will be by default.

Then you’ll want to scroll down and make sure you click Save Changes

and now when a user is on your site and they want to scroll down to leave a comment they have this new field down at the bottom that says notify me of Replies to my comment.

So it’s a really great feature to encourage interaction on your WordPress website.

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