How to Paginate Comments in WordPress


Today I want to show you how to paginate comments in WordPress if your site is growing in popularity and your posts are getting a lot of comments, then you’ll want to break them up to speed up the loading time for the posts.

Easy way to do that is to go to your admin area ,go to Settings -> Discussion

Now look for an area that shows break comments into pages with…you’ll want to decide how many comments to show on each page.

We’ll go with 50…those are the top level comments.

So if you have a lot of replies, and a lot of discussion on there then you might want to reduce that to something less than 50. Now select last page displayed by default

and that gives you the latest comments first.

Depending on your theme, you’ll either going to see numeric pagination style or you’ll see previous/next and that’s all there is to it.

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