How to Properly Update Live Published Posts in WordPress

In this video I’ll walk you through how you can update live published posts in WordPress and you can do it the right way. To get started updating your live post on your site let’s go to our WordPress dashboard.

We’ll go to plugins add new.

We’re going to search for revisionize. This is the one we want so we’ll click install and activate.

Once activated you can now go to your posts all posts and find the article that you want to update, choose this one you can hover over it and now you see a new area called revisionize.

It’s creating a clone of the live version as you see here it’s number two and now you can make all the changes that you need you can save it multiple times and it keeps everything in one location. Finally when you’re ready to publish you can see that the original publish date is still here and so now this is good to go and all of your changes are live.

Now when you go into posts all posts you can look at the drafts and you can see that there’s still this one so the next time if you need to update it you can simply go in here and edit this again and you’re good to go.

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