How to Remove Numbers from WordPress URLs

Do you ever go to a site and you see this type of URL?

Maybe your site looks like this? If you notice it makes the site a little less professional and difficult to remember the link. But there’s a easy way to fix it. WordPress actually has a great built in support for seo friendly url structure, but by default, the URL structure is setup to show the post or the page id. There is an easy fix. And to do that we want to go into the admin area of our site. Go to Settings and choose permalinks.

And from here you see several different permalink styles to choose from.

You can also create your own structure and from this link.

You can see all the tags. You can use if you have a site that uses categories a lot.

You can do a custom structure that shows the category first, then the post name.

Going back to the site, I’ll choose just post name and click save changes.

Now all of my old posts as well as any new posts that I create will have this same structure. The next step we want to look at is the custom slug. Now let’s say you create a post,

but you don’t give it a title.

the custom slug is what normally pulls the post title in, and of you don’t have anything in there the custom slug will just give it some numbers.

So you can go here to make the URL more meaningful. And to do that you can see here where its highlighted that section.

You can click on there and make the changes you want. And then when you are happy with the URL name you can click ok.


And that will remove any numbers in your URL. Now I want to cover something that used to be so annoying to me when I first started using wordpress. And that was if I created say an about page,

but I didn’t like it so I would delete the page and decided to create a new one, when i published it, the url will show about-2, like you see here as an example.

I would go into the custom slug, and change it out hit ok take out the two,

but when I would say ok, the 2 would come back. It would be very frustrating. Well, just because you trash a page or delet it, it’s still in your database using that URL structure. So wordpress has to assign a unique url to the second page that you are using.

But there is an easy fix for this. If you truly don’t need that page that you put in the trash bin just go into your trash area like this, find the page that you are looking for, and permanently delete the post.

now all you have to do is go back to the post you were working on update the link.

and it will save this time.

By the way, this same technique will work for any of your categories and tags sections as well

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