How to Setup FAQ Section on Your WordPress Website

In this articleI’m gonna walk you through how to add a Frequently Asked Questions section in your WordPress website. Now obviously if you have a really basic questions that people ask you could just add all those in a post or a page but if you want to get a little bit more detailed then this is what you can do. So first thing you want to do you want to go to your website and login.

And the next thing we want to do is we want to go to our plugins and we want to add a new plugin.

So I’m gonna go ahead and search and I’m looking for the quick and easy FAQs

and here we go this is the one we want to install. So I’ll click install now,


and activate the plugin.

Once activated you’ll see you can either go to Settings here or under plugins you now have a quick and easy FAQ section.

And you just want to go through and fill out all this information you want to make it as close to your site colors as possible to make it nice and uniform for your site.

Select the colors here of course you know the color that you have you can put it up there.

So you just wanna go through and do that for all of these. I’m pretty happy with the default colors so we’re gonna click Save Changes.

Okay, once you have your settings setup then we have a new link up here where you can go to all FAQs we don’t have any right now.

I’ll just show you this is where they’ll all be once you add them.

So let’s just start adding some FAQs. So up at the top you wanna put in the question and then down here in the textbox you want to go ahead and add what the answer is.

So I’ll add a little bit of information and that’s all you have to do. So I’m going to click publish.

You want to continue to do that until you have a few FAQs for your site. Here you can group things like say product questions or group them into service questions you can group them here. We’re gonna do software.

Once you have a few FAQs on your site I’ll show you how to set it up. You can add it either to post or page. I’m gonna do page.

And we’ll do frequently asked questions,

and to have all of those come up on the page you just need to add this bit of shortcode just like that. And click publish.

and we can view it. So I’ll click on the view page once you have it.

See how it automatically adds a numbering scheme,

it boxes out each question, has a nice little font question mark here,

and they can go back up, back up to the index and then it takes you back up here.

So that’s a quick way to add an FAQ section on your website.

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