How to Show an Authors List with Photos in WordPress

Today you’ll learn how to show an author list with photos in WordPress. If you are creating a news type site and you have multiple authors, this lesson is a great way to showcase all your authors in one place without writing any code. So let’s get started.

First you’ll need to install the author avatars list plugin. So i’ll go to the plugins section, search for author avatars list.

Now i’ll install

and activate it.

Once it’s activated, I’ll get a widget and two shortcodes to work with. If I want to show all my authors in the sidebar, then i can use the widget area. You can also create a page that will list all your authors and you can use the shortcode to achieve this.

So I’m going to do that. I’m going to create a new page and call it authors. Next, I’ll add shortcode [authoravatars] to the page.

and that’s good, but that’s just going show the images of the authors and I’ll want to a little bit more. So I’m going to add a few additional parameters to make it a little more functional. What I want to do is [authoravatars avatar_size=44 link_to_authorpage=true show_name=true show_biography=true].

This will show the avatar size at 44px, a link that will take you to the author’s page, their name, and their biography information. Now just understand your theme might not have an author page.

So you’ll want to test your parameters to see if that works. Now let’s look at the page.

You’ll see from here it’s pulling in all the authors of this site and looks pretty good.

Now if you want to tweak it a little, you can go into the css file and make some changes.

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